Among the raw materials generated by our artificial intelligence for Potential Herbariums, we count three main signals : the imaginary plants and flowers, the botanist writings and the distorted colorimeters.

« While working on our Potential Herbariums, we used our own dried plants, but also a vast number of old herbariums with comments by botanists and colorimeters. We found out that, while generating imaginary plants and flowers, our GANs were also generating their own colorimeters. These miniature color palettes had nothing to do anymore with those present on our herbarium datasets: the color squares were now slightly deformed, with new proportions, and almost had an existence of their own. What stroke us was the beautiful imperfection, harmony and equilibrium beaming from all of these colorimeters. So we decided to see them as a valid proposition to be reproduced on paper with our imperfect hands. » Interview for Cueva Gallery

Distorted colorimeter / Left, AV-2020-U-5, Oil pastel on paper
Distorted colorimeter / Right, AV-2020-U-6, Oil pastel on paper

Colorimeters (After Ravenne) are an acknowledged tribute to abstract oil-pastels by Aurélie Nemours

Après Ravenne 6.4, AV-2020-U-2, Oil pastel on paper

In 2020, our colorimeters were featured in two exhibitions in France, at Bubenberg Gallery in Paris, and at the group show Programme Spécial a show curated by La Méditerranée at POUSH in Clichy.
Work in progress

Image :

Immeuble colorimètre gauche, AV-2020-U-21, Oil pastel on paper 
Immeuble colorimètre droite, AV-2020-U-22, Oil pastel on paper