Elegia Machina is a book of poems written in collaboration with a machine, more precisely a Markov chain. A Markov chain is a mathematical process that has been around for a long time and which has already been used, notably in music.

Some consider it to represent an embryonic form of artificial intelligence. Markov chains can be used to re- produce phenomena – texts, images, sounds, scents…– through respecting basic data, called “training data”. In the case of a text, the principle consists in making a list of all the words and all the punctuation marks – we’re talking about a “dictionary” – and calculating the probability that any given word or punctuation mark will follow another. Then, in using a random signal and the probabilities created in this way, we can create a text, an image, a sound “in the manner of…”.

For Elegia Machina, first of all we transcribed numerous poems by the authors we have always loved: Verlaine, Rimbaud, Apollinaire, but also Wilde, Tzara, not forgetting Aurélie Nemours. Putting Markov chains to work on each of these texts, we were able to create what we call a ‘gangue’: thus Verlaine’s gangue is a collection of 20,000 to 50,000 words which have Verlaine’s vocabulary, his flavour, sometimes even rhymes, but which have never been written by him. This creates numerous ‘epiphanies’: these are the little strokes of genius which we select and write down on strips of paper. From these strips, we see themes emerge, and we then assemble them in ‘songs’: that’s our contribution.

Example of a ‘gangue’ generated by the algorithm (Markov chains), where we underlined interesting propositions.



aujourd’hui, j’ai le regard d’Orphée et la feuillée
les verdoyants bocages les prairies infernales
je les embrasse
à faire mourir les ombres
après avoir épousé chaque fleur abandonnée j’entends mourir là-bas,
dans les coquelicots et les ormes noirs.


today, I have the sight of Orpheus and the leafy
the green groves
the infernal meadows
I kiss them
until the shadows perish
after marrying each abandoned flower I intend to pass away there,
in poppies and black elms.

Image :
Elegia Machina, book prototype, artistic direction by Damas Froissart

The book is currently edited under the artistic direction of Damas Froissart, and will be the first book the Paris Delos collection. A successful crowdfunding campaign was organized and a limited first production of 150 ex. will be released in March 2021.
The first edition is sold out.